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  • "RHmais has been a privileged partner of Groundforce in the provision of services in our Passenger Area. Together - Groundforce and RHmais - we have been able to provide a Service of Excellence to our customers and to the thousands of passengers that we serve every day, and help to fulfil their wishes and dreams…"

    Pedro Ramos, Human Resources Director at Groundforce
  • "RHmais is a partner who believes, focuses on and accomplishes achievements along with the customer, they share the same aspirations and turn them into their way of being, making us believe that we are on a single path."

    Marisa Lima, Business Manager at Vodafone
  • “RHmais has been a loyal ally of Liberty Seguros in the Liberty Seguros Account Opening, Contact and Decision Center area. (...) Good performance, contact care, the ability to cope with adversity and the correctness of procedures allow us to respond quickly and effectively to the legitimate expectations of our Customers and Agents and, in some cases, even to exceed them, which makes us stand apart from the competition.”

    Bernardo Márquez, Liberty Seguros Customer Service Director
  • “(…) with over a decade of partnership, RHmais has contributed strongly to the successes achieved by the bilstein group in Portugal. We are speaking of a solid and comprehensive partnership, where rigor, integrity and trust are very high!”

    Joaquim Candeias, Managing Director at Bilstein Group


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