Customer Experience

Customer experience is an essential differentiating factor

Customer experience     


Today, in addition to a quality product or service, Customers do not accept less than a great experience associated with their purchase, whether in an online or offline context.

Regardless of the nature of the product or service, it is crucial to be quick, assertive and effective in responding to Customers, whether through voice, message, e-mail or other means of contact, to make the Customer experience as enriching as possible and that this becomes yet another differentiating factor for the Organization.

With more than two decades of consolidatedexperience in this field, RHmais has the following services:

  • Improvement of the effectiveness of the direct response of the Companies / institutions to their Customers /Users. Mystery Client Programs

  • Reinforcement of the qualityimage of the servicesprovided

  • Assess the quality of the services provided. Analysis of Customers' experienceand stress points in processes

  • Assess thequality of competitor services

  • Detect opportunities for improvement and training

Know, analyze, improve, repeat


Know your reality, improve performance


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