Cezanne OnDemand

Practical and economic digital platform for Human Resources management


RHmais is the official and exclusive distributor nationwide of the Human Resources Management platform Cezanne OnDemand, now also available in our country.

Cezanne OnDemand is a complete cloud Human Resources management system that represents the smartest, best and fastest way to manage employees, at a very low cost, and has now come to Portugal by the hand of RHmais.

The Cezanne OnDemand system ensures, among other activities, contractual management, workflows, notifications and alerts, as well as training, evaluation and productivity management. This simple, sophisticated and constantly updated system enables cost reduction and a fast return on investment, ensuring secure and confidential data management and even international management.

One of the great assets of this system is its price. Cezanne OnDemand has 4 modules that can be contracted separately, with each module costing € 1.25 per employee per month; only one is of mandatory subscription.


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"People management in pico, nano, micro, small and medium sized companies, an administrative nightmare, or maybe not…"


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