RHmais Handling Services - Airport Operations services

Maximum effectiveness in the management and coordination
of processes and people in airport operations.


Being certified by ANAC, in categories 1 and 2, for the airports of Lisbon, Porto and Madeira, we have a full range of solutions in human resources for Handling companies, and we ensure high standards of quality, rigor and professionalism, as well as a performance and service of excellence, always adjusted to the specific needs of each customer.

Our Lisbon airport office allows us to be close to the operation and to the customers, and to assure a close management of the projects we develop there.

RHmais is certified to provide, among others, the following services:


  • Check-in of passengers and ticket counters;
  • Baggage control and collection of excess baggage;
  • Waiting room (lounge) and boarding rooms;
  • Transportation of passengers from the airplane to the terminals (and vice versa);
  • Lost and Found and assistance in irregularities.

Administrative Services:

  • Records of assistance in embarkation and disembarkation;
  • Records of occurrences;
  • Records of acceptance of special assistance;
  • Routing and registration of objects left on board.
rita mendes  Rita Mendes
Managing Director

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