Customer Experience

The customer experience is an essential differentiating factor.


In the field of Specialized Consultancy in Customer Experience in the areas of services, we have been consolidating, over more than two decades, the Mystery Customer intervention methodology, which seeks to respond to the concrete situations presented by customers when seeking information and when using services and products

In view of the increasing competition, mere customer satisfaction is no longer sufficient to ensure success, since it no longer differentiates companies in the market. It is not enough to have your customer satisfied, it is necessary to give them enough reasons to continue to deserve your trust, providing them with a unique customer experience.

As the main goal of the companies is to attract new customers, keep them, and increase the value of current customers, all processes that provide a “comfortable” experience in the various phases of their life cycle (from attracting them until possibly retaining them) are extremely important.

Every means and way of contact with customers (face-to-face, voice, email, text messages, newsletters, etc.) has its specificity according to optimization of its effectiveness, and it is therefore essential to ensure:

  • Consistency of customer experience with the values that the company wants to have associated with its brand
  • Consistency between the processes, actions and information in the various contact channels that constitute a customer experience, in order to strengthen the connection of customers to the company

We collect indicators on Customer Experience through analysis of their Stress Points in the use of products and services and in the search for information and support in various channels, such as:

  • Travel to shops
  • Contacts with salespeople
  • Voice, e-mail and text message contacts via Contact Center
  • Website

We eliminate the most critical Stress Points through:

  • Deactivation of unnecessary processes
  • Process optimization due to the slowness of underutilized systems and support systems
  • Improvements in processes, support systems or physical installations (in the case of stores)
  • Deep changes in processes, in some cases with a total redesign of a use or support process, in order to transform it from inconvenient and cumbersome for the Customer into an easy one that promotes a sense of trust and comfort as far as the Company is concerned

In this context, we evaluate the quality and level of customer service and services by using the Mystery Customer methodology, aiming at:

  • Improving the effectiveness of the direct response of companies/institutions to their customers/users
  • Reinforcing the quality image of the services provided
  • Assessing the quality of the services provided
  • Assessing the quality of services provided by the competitors
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and training

The main sectors in which we operate are:

  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Health
  • Turism
  • Catering and Leisure
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