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Experience and Innovation in the service of the improvement of processes and people.

We develop the Consulting activity in several areas essential for the operation of a company or organization, namely:

Regarding Integrated Human Resources Management, we are the strategic partner for the implementation of:

  • Performance evaluation and management systems
  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Analysis and description of functions
  • Organizational studies
  • Evaluation of training effectiveness

In the field of Management Systems, we support the implementation and/or maintenance of:

  • Quality Management Systems (NP EN ISO 9001:2015)
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSHAS 18001/NP 4397)
  • Environment (NP EN ISO 14001)
  • Food Safety (NP EN ISO 22000)
  • Human Resources Management (NP EN ISO 4427)
  • among others.

Our consultants are specialized technicians with extensive experience in the development of projects of this nature, which guarantees the knowledge of the whole process and the success of the projects in which they are involved.

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