For a quality e-learning training that is dynamic, effective and accessible to all.


RHmais has developed a technology platform (www.elearningmais.com) specifically for distance-learning training, based on its own training methodology, which started with the mixed model or b-learning.

This model, which combines the best of the training conducted through the Internet and the face-to-face modality, allows participants to develop Skills and Knowledge in a way that is open, flexible and adjusted to the demands of their functions and to their pace of work and learning.

The use of this platform allows access to content and specialized support (tutoring) anytime and anywhere in the World, all one needs is accessing the Internet. Distance learning is therefore a real alternative to face-to-face teaching, bringing participants, trainers and content closer together, now only a “click” away from each other.



user-icon-80x80.png  Rui Silva
Business Unit Leader

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