Corporate Culture

What we believe in defines what we do.


Being the market leader in creating Comfort, Confidence, and Value for our Customers.


Our mission is to help our Customers improve their competitive advantage through a set of high-quality skills and services. We are an integrated company providing Consulting and Training Services in the areas of Human Resources, Management Systems, Implementation of Quality Systems, and Provision of Customer Assistance Services, Contact Centers, and Outsourcing.


As a company built on an assumed human dimension, RHmais believes that its development is only possible if based on a solid, lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between all the links in the value chain, constituted by our Customers, Employees and Suppliers, based on values of accountability, ethics and transparency.

Humanism: Being close to our People and always assuming a human dimension in our decisions;

Responsibility: Always aware of the social and environmental impact of all actions practiced by us;

Ethics: Promoting the sustainability of relationships with our Customers and Suppliers and, among ourselves, developing equity and rights;

Transparency: In internal relationships and throughout the value chain, promoting sincerity and rigor to improve professional performance and decision-making.

Our Purpose

To invest in the transformative ability of our Employees in creating the best environment in our Clients' businesses and in the best working relationships and Happiness within our Teams.

Quality and Environment Policy

At RHmais we privilege the achievement of the complete satisfaction of our customers, while we try to reach or even surpass their expectations.

Through constant analysis of their system, we guarantee its constant suitability and encourage the continuous improvement of their processes and activities, using a consistent practice of innovation management.

We ensure compliance with the requirements of the Quality and Environment Management System and commit to improving its effectiveness.

By promoting the establishment of partnerships and cooperation networks, at RHmais we enhance the complementarity of skills, so we increase our efficiency and add more value to the services we provide.

We are committed to valuing employees by continuously updating their skills, promoting teamwork and reinforcing their commitment to quality.

RHmais assumes itself as a socially and environmentally responsible company, with a team of employees that is motivated and mobilized to generate value for customers and shareholders and contribute to the well-being of the community.

We are committed to the establishment of good environmental practices, based on the environment protection including the prevention of pollution within the scope of the activities we carry out.

We assure compliance with the legal requirements that are applicable to the environmental aspects that result from our activity.

We commit ourselves to applying these principles to all our services.

Our Team

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Corporate Responsibility

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