Training and Team Building Actions

Clean up the sea

Clean Up the Sea

Team building, which consists of cleaning up a beach. The residues deposited outside the appropriate places easily reach the coast, through the action of wind, rain and streams. It is intended to eliminate these residues, in order to prevent them from reaching the sea, where they cause impacts on biodiversity and water quality.

The group will be divided into teams. Materials to assist in cleaning, such as gloves, shovels, buckets, containers to place the garbage, will be distributed.

Each team will have their area of activity in which they must collect the garbage.

In the end, the teams will build their sculpture with the garbage they picked up on the sand.

It is an opportunity to be in direct contact with nature, to live with colleagues outside the workplace and to carry out a different activity.

Duration: 4 hours



Loving the Planet

Loving the Planet

Lecture that begins with an overview of the current environmental situation: “more or less black scenario” with the presentation of some data taken from scientific studies.

Despite the black scenario, the trainer quickly turns the page, pointing out a wide range of small, environmentally positive advices that we can adopt daily in our lives in order to contribute to the conservation of the environment.

Duration: 2 hours



Walk in the Tide

Walk in the Tide

A walk on a rocky beach, full of small puddles during low tide, can reveal an infinite world of fascinating creatures and extraordinary relationships, which allow the beings that live in this environment to survive half their lives in an underwater environment and the other half exposed to the Sun!

Guided by marine biologists with extensive experience, participants will learn a number of interesting biological facts, namely the dangers that these fragile environments face in the face of climate change, habitat destruction and pollution by microplastics and other conservative pollutants.

Duration: 2 hours



Green Florests

The group will be divided into teams. Materials to assist in cleaning the forest will be distributed, such as gloves, shovels, buckets, scissors for cutting branches and containers to place the residues found.

Each team will have its area of operation where they should clean up.

In the end, the group will unite to reforest the selected area.

Duration: 2-4 hours



Our Vegetable Garden

The goal is to build, together with the users of the institution, a vegetable garden with the most diverse vegetables for their own consumption.

In nursing homes, childcare institutions, or another suggested institution.

Duration: variable



Sustainable Chef

The number of consumers who prefer 100% natural products, without any use of pesticides, has increased significantly.

The group is responsible for the preparation of the meal, to be tasted as soon as it is ready.

Organic, local and seasonal products are selected, making it a sustainable meal.

Duration: 2-4 hours


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